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Clutha Gold Cycling & Walking Trail

A Journey of Discovery

Following the Mighty Clutha Mata-Au River from the Roxburgh Dam to Lawrence, this 73 kilometre bike ride showcases the incredible Teviot and Clutha landscapes. Meandering through a gorge, a valley and lush farmland, this trail is graded easy so is fun for the whole family. With many cool spots to stop along the way, the Clutha Gold truly is at your own pace.

Grade 1 - 2
( Easy )

Roxburgh Pano
dam - rox_edited.png

Roxburgh Dam to Roxburgh Township

9.4 kilometres

Follow the fast flow of the Clutha River from the impressive Lake Roxburgh Dam to the small bustling town of Roxburgh. With interpretation panels along the cycle path, the Clutha Gold trails interweaves the past and present excellently. 

The Knobby Range and Old Man Range offer an epic backdrop while you meander alongside the Clutha Mata-Au river. You will pass orchards bursting with fruit, flowers, nuts and more, and in no time, you will reach the turn off for the Roxburgh township. Stop in for a bite to eat, a drink and explore the town before getting back on the Clutha Gold Trail.

Flox Roxburgh Art

Roxburgh to Millers Flat

19.6 kilometres

The trail continues to follow the Clutha Mata-Au River. Only five kilometres from the Roxburgh Township, you will reach Pinders Pond - a popular picnic area for locals and visitors. Pinders Pond is a man-made lake which is safe to swim in especially for those cyclists needing to cool down on a hot Central Otago Day!

Continuing along the trail, you will see some incredible rock formations alongside the Clutha Mata-Au River and on the surrounding hillsides. Stop off at the orchard stalls for fresh produce, and don't forget to look out for the regenerating kānuka trees along the trail. 

rox - mil_edited_edited.png
Credit_ James Jubb - TCO
mil - beau_edited_edited.png

Millers Flat to Beaumont:

24.7 kilometres

Millers Flat is a small settlement known for its recreational opportunities such as fishing, walking, camping and picnics. 

There's two small detours that you can take between Millers Flat and Beaumont. A small half hour one will take you to the Horseshoe Bend Suspension Bridge. This 70.2 metre long bridge is a reminder of the gold rush this area experienced in 1865. The second detour is up the hill to the Lonely Graves, where "Somebody's Darling Lies Burried Here" 

Continuing along the trail, the landscape becomes more and more pastoral as you go from Millers Flat through to Beaumont. 

CODC Day2_016_edited.jpg

Beaumont to Lawrence

19.4 kilometres

From Beaumont, you'll start the climb towards the highest point of the Clutha Gold Trail, through the tunnel to Big Hill. Stop here to see views over back over the Clutha River and the luscious green pastoral land.

You will cross State Highway 8 a few times as you continue on and descend down Evan's Flat and onwards to Lawrence. Note the heritage reminders of the gold rushes that inundated the area in the 1860s which led to Lawrence being Otago's first gold rush town!

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Things To Note

Making Your Ride Comfortable and Memorable.

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Getting Here, There & Everywhere

If you aren't wanting to continue through to Dunedin, then we can organise transfers for you, your group and your bikes and luggage. Transfers are available from Lawrence to Beaumont, Millers Flat, Roxburgh Dam or even back to Alexandra! We are happy to help arrange something to suit your itinerary.


Where To Stay

Accommodation Along the Trails

Relax and recharge in Millers Flat, Beaumont and then in Lawrence after completing the Clutha Gold Trail. Choose from peaceful B&Bs, cozy motels and hotels, charming pubs and quaint cottages.  It is recommended that you book your holiday accommodation well in advance so your stay is worry-free!


Hidden Gems

Going Off the Beaten Track

The Clutha Gold Trail highlights the diverse landscapes of the Teviot and Clutha regions. However, slightly off the trail, you will find some absolute gems that will make the Clutha Gold Trail a journey of discovery for you! Weaving through four wee towns across 73 kilometres, there are heaps of hidden gems along the way! Be sure to stop off, explore and relax as you meander next to the Clutha River.


Donation Tags

Supporting the Trails

Purchase a donation tag from us before your ride to help ensure that the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Cycle & Walking Trails experience will be enjoyed for generations to come! All funds generated are used for trail maintenance and enhancement projects. 

Choose from a Family Season Trails Pass, Single Day Trails Pass or a Single Season Trails Pass.



Supporting the Trails

This passport allows you to collect stamps along the trails by rubbing a special symbol into the passport at key locations. By purchasing a passport before the ride, you are contributing to the maintenance and on-going enhancements of the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Trails.

Keep as an awesome reminder of your ride.

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