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Roxburgh Gorge Trail

Discover Another World

With it's steep and dramatic landscape, it's no wonder why the Roxburgh Gorge has been called the New Zealand Grand Canyon! Following the Mighty Clutha River from Alexandra to Roxburgh, The Roxburgh Gorge Trail offers a back country experience like no other! Break up the ride with a scenic 13km jet boat ride between Doctors Point and Shingle Creek. 


Grade 2 - 3

Alexandra to Doctor's Point:

10 kilometres
90 minutes approx.

Starting at the Alexandra Bridge, the well-defined Roxburgh trail follows the Clutha River up to the junction of the Manuherikia River and then up the Roxburgh Gorge.

Soon, the hustle and bustle of Alexandra is behind you as the steep schist slopes takeover the townscape. Follow the bright blue and green hues of the Clutha River passed Butcher's Creek and The Narrows before landing at Doctor's Point. 

Peak across the river to marvel at the old mining settlement remnants.

alx - dr_edited.png
dr - shingle_edited_edited_edited.png

Doctor's Point to Shingle Creek:

13 kilometres jet boat
45 minutes

Adding even more adventure to this wilderness trail is the 13 kilometre stretch in the middle that is only accessible by boat. Interesting and informative, this 45 minute jet boat trip also teaches you about the history in the area.

With old gold mining sluicing sites, European and Chinese miners camps and even the hidden gem that is Mrs Herron's Cottage. Built approximately 1862, this cottage was once part of a large gold mining area called Fourteen Mile Beach. 

After seeing these river-side exclusive areas, you will be dropped off at Shingle Creek jetty to continue to the Roxburgh Dam.

Shingle Creek 

11 kilometres

120 minutes

Re-join the Roxburgh Gorge Trail from the Shingle Creek Jetty, and make way towards the Roxburgh Dam.

The rugged landscape then opens up. There is a solid, gradual climb in this section to Elbow Creek, with the highest point of the trail being 240m. Do note that this part here can tend to take a little bit long than anticipated! Please be comfortable with gear changing and braking. 

The trail twists and turns right through the Hidden Valley and then descends to take you right to the Lake Roxburgh Dam.

From the Dam, it is a cruisy 10km bike through to the Roxburgh township. Stop in Roxburgh for a well deserved bite to eat or drink. 

shingle - dam_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Things To Note

Making Your Ride Comfortable and Memorable.


The Jet Boat

Roxburgh Gorge Jet Boat Transfer

As mentioned above, there is a stretch in the Roxburgh Gorge Cycle Trail that is only accessible by water. Bikes are securely loaded on the back on the jetboat, customers are all provided with life jackets and a safety briefing, and then they're all set to enjoy this amazing transfer tour.

Pre-booking this jetboat transfer is essential. Please click the link below and email us with the date you're looking at doing the Roxburgh Gorge Trail.

Untitled design (5).png


Getting Here, There & Everywhere

If you aren't wanting to continue riding on to the Clutha Gold Trail, then we can organise transfers back to Alexandra or Clyde from Roxburgh. Whether it's just you on your own, a couple or a group, we can organise transport for you and the bikes.

Pre-booking these transfers is essential. Please click the link below and email us with the date you're looking at doing the Roxburgh Gorge Trail.


Where To Stay

Accommodation Along the Trails

Relax and recharge in Roxburgh after completing the Gorge day trip, and before you head onto the Clutha Gold trail. Choose from peaceful B&Bs, cozy motels and hotels, charming pubs and quaint cottages. 

It is recommended that you book your holiday accommodation well in advance.


Hidden Gems

Going Off the Beaten Track

The Roxburgh Gorge trail highlights some incredible heritage hotspots and dramatic landscapes along the Clutha River from Alexandra to Roxburgh. However, slightly off the trail, you will find some absolute gems that will make your experience on the Roxburgh Trail an even better one! 


Donation Tags

Supporting the Trails

Purchase a donation tag from us before your ride to help ensure that the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Cycle & Walking Trails experience will be enjoyed for generations to come! All funds generated are used for trail maintenance and enhancement projects. 

Choose from a Family Season Trails Pass, Single Day Trails Pass or a Single Season Trails Pass.



Supporting the Trails

This passport allows you to collect stamps along the trails by rubbing a special symbol into the passport at key locations. By purchasing a passport before the ride, you are contributing to the maintenance and on-going enhancements of the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Trails.

Keep as an awesome reminder of your ride.

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