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Thyme Hill

Growing Merlot in Central Otago

With panoramic views over Dunstan Range and Leaning Rock, this north-facing vineyard is the most Southern in the world growing Merlot! 

About Thyme Hill

Thyme Hill Vineyard is the only Central Otago vineyard to grow merlot grapes to bottle. 

stablished in the early 90s by John Kelly, this relatively young vineyard that has asserted itself as a key player in the Alexandra Basin. The site was chosen for its sandy, north-facing slopes which tend to be a few degrees warmer, and where frosts often roll off the vines due to the steep slopes. 

Thyme Hill Vineyard is the most southern vineyard in the world growing Merlot, and the only one in Central Otago. A key value Thyme Hill works for is focussing on the process, rather than the outcome. This results in consistent and quality grapes

Thyme Hill

Meet the Owner - Inge

"Someone who gets things done"

Originally from the Netherlands, Inge came to New Zealand to work in the dairy industry on the West Coast. After living there for twenty years, she moved from one of the wettest region of the South Island to the driest! 

Inge has been the proud owner of Thyme Hill for about ten years. She is hard-working, passionate and enjoys making the harvests a fun celebration every year with friends, family and the wine community.

Inge hosts wine tasting on the deck overlooking the vineyard and the Dunstan Mountains. She explains the wine-making journey in this hot, dry and cold climates and how it all results into the subtle palate differences of the wines.

Wine tastings are relaxed, down-to earth, informative and by appointment only. 

Click here to book for a wine-tasting

The Wines

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